💎🕵 Zima Red NFT Roundup - May 14, 2021

Say hello to the Zima Red NFT Roundup, your weekly pulse on the biggest news around NFTs. Sit back, relax, and kick your weekend off right by catching up on the latest major NFT developments. Thanks for reading! 🙏

💥 This week in NFTs …

  • 🌟 Meebits, the newest NFT project from CryptoPunks creators Larva Labs, was at the center of several headlines this week. First, an attacker launched a “rerolling” ploy that allowed them to make off with a rare and thus extremely lucrative Meebit. On the bright side, we also just saw a person who minted a single CryptoPunk in 2017 fairly claim a Dissected Meebit, potentially worth ~700 ETH. Nice! Lastly, something you won’t want to sleep on is the arrival of MeebitsDAO, a decentralized community aimed at fostering the new avatar project. 

  • 💸 Axie Infinity developers Sky Mavis raised $7.5 million USD in their Series A fundraise. The funds will go toward helping Sky Mavis continue to expand and improve the Axie Infinity NFT gaming franchise. Of course, Axie Infinity is already one of the ecosystem’s most popular apps, so this new funding will help Sky Mavis be able to take the game to new and even more impressive heights. 

  • 💸 Speaking of big new raises, this week we also just saw NFT startup RTFKT raise $8 million USD and…

  • 💸 Animoca Brands, the NFT gaming firm behind projects like The Sandbox and F1 Delta Time, raises an incredible $88 million USD. 

  • 🖥 eBay is an e-commerce powerhouse whose name is essentially synonymous with “online marketplace,” so the company turned a lot of heads this week in announcing support for NFT sales on its platform. How this integration plays out from here remains to be seen, but the very development shows just how decisively NFTs have entered into the mainstream limelight. 

  • 🖼 A group of 9 rare CryptoPunks sold for nearly $17 million USD at Christie’s. The sale proved controversial with some in the NFT space for a range of reasons, but however you feel there’s no question that the auction was a historical advance for CryptoPunks and NFTs in general. In recent days we’ve also seen Punks lore growing, too. For example, Punk #5528 is now a rapper and Beanie.eth publish the first edition of the PUNKS comic

  • 🚀 Upshot, a new platform for crowdsourced NFT appraisals, rolled out its open beta this week. As such, the project allows anyone to get paid for appraising NFTs. 

  • 🚀 With the help of nft42, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk launched VeeFriends, a project based on access NFTs. The varying tokens available grant holders different opportunities, as well as access to the upcoming VeeCon conference. 

  • 🔥 Jenny Metaverse DAO arrived, a new NFT collector group whose DAO is the first to be built atop the NFT protocol unicly. On the point of unicly, the project’s team also just partnered with Enjin

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