🔥🏄‍♂️ Zima Red NFT Roundup - May 28, 2021

Say hello to the Zima Red NFT Roundup, your weekly pulse on the biggest news around NFTs. Sit back, relax, and kick your weekend off right by catching up on the latest major NFT developments. Thanks for reading! 🙏

💥 This week in NFTs …

  • Yield Guid Games - the YGG team just announced its Axie Infinity scholars have impressively earned over 10 million Small Love Potion ($SLP) tokens to date from playing the reigning NFT game 👏 

  • The famous “Charlie bit my finger” video fetched $761,000 USD via an NFT auction on the Origin Protocol platform. The auction previously generated some controversy after its creators announced plans to delete the original viral video from YouTube in the wake of the NFT’s sale. 

  • Video gaming retailer GameStop, which gained massive attention earlier this year when investors rallied into the company’s stock, unveiled a new blockchain division and a soon-to-be released NFT project. Woah! Bring on the gamers, they’re all naturals when it comes to NFTs. 

  • The Async Music Wave II releases have arrived featuring works by creators Beats Antique, rare scrilla, Lee Gaito + Pak, and Richard and Matthew Hawtins. Be sure to check out samples of the songs through Async’s music player interface

  • The Hashmasks project rolled out a Collections Page system, which allows collectors to display and curate their Hashmasks as they please. 

  • Meme.com, a platform that’s hoping to become the “CoinMarketCap for Memes,” just raised $5 million USD from investors like Outlier Ventures and more. The project plans to offer users the ability to mint memes as NFTs and win prizes in routine meme competitions. 

  • The Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA), a prolific collector of cryptoart, revealed the tokenomics of the NFT gallery’s planned $MOCA token. The asset will be used to spin out the curation of MOCA’s governance to a decentralized community of curators. A retroactive airdrop of 300,000 $MOCA is going to people who used OpenSea prior to Dec. 31st, 2020, while another 500,000 $MOCA have been set aside for bootstrapping a liquidity mining program. 

  • This week Ethereum wallet app Rainbow made it so users could share their custom NFT showcases directly within the app. Also, changes to showcases made within the latest version of the Rainbow mobile app are automatically synced with Rainbow web profiles.

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