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Earlier this year, I kept running into a problem. NFT startups were reaching out to me to ask if they could sponsor Zima Red newsletters and podcasts, but after I shared the size of my audience (small at the beginning of this year) they would scoff. I knew there was demand for advertising within our niche community, but my audience numbers were too small for a paid sponsorship to make sense for most startups. 

I told my long-time friend and blog editor Brooke Walter about this conundrum. I explained that I was going to reach out to other NFT content creators to ask if we could “bundle” ourselves together. By doing so, our combined audience size would be larger, and therefore more attractive to startups looking to advertise. She thought it was a great idea and suggested that we formalize it together with an actual company.

Today’s blog is sponsored by Async Art. Async Art is a new blockchain art movement where people can create, collect, and trade programmable art. Programmable art is made with "Layers", which you can use to affect the overall image. Art that can evolve over time, react to its owners, follow a stock price, change with the weather, it is now all possible with programmable art.

This month Async Art has two big events. Micah Johnson's art piece "ˈsä-v(ə-)rən-tē" (pronounced sovereignty) will be changed to allow BTC donations that go directly to the children in the art piece. Then there is an amazing collab between Trevor Jones and Alotta money's for their upcoming piece titled “ETH Boy.”

Check out all the incredible art at -

The problem is, I do not know anything about marketing and my full attention is on Sfermion. Brooke happens to have a marketing background and leads marketing efforts at the blockchain startup bloXroute Labs. Therefore, I suggested that Brooke lead the charge on this endeavor, and luckily she enthusiastically agreed.

Next, I began to reach out to every NFT content creator that I personally knew. First, I asked if they were making money from their content, to which they answered no. Then, I asked if they would like to earn money every month from continuing to make their content, to which they quickly responded, “of course!”

Then, another interesting opportunity arose. When I reached out to Matthew and Rizzle (from the famous Matthew and Rizzle Show) to gauge their interest in joining the group, Matthew explained that they actually had plans for something similar. After a few conversations, we decided to join forces. 

MetaCast Group has now grown into a network of six amazing NFT creators with various platforms, including newsletters, podcasts, and even YouTube channels.



YouTube channels

It’s fulfilling to partner with these early NFT content creators because they are hardcore believers in the ecosystem: they have been making content for free simply because it is their passion. But now, MetaCast enables them to continue doing what they love while earning money from promoting amazing people and startups. 

For example, our October sponsor was the artist, musician, and creative genius Digital. It felt rewarding to promote Digital’s work because he is such a respected talent in the NFT space. Our current November sponsor is the incredible programmable art platform Async Art. We already have a sponsor booked for December and have numerous people asking about January, February, and even March sponsorships! Overall, we are extremely excited and happy that we are in a position to team up with marvelous people and companies to promote the entire NFT ecosystem.  

MetaCast Group is not stopping here - we are always on the lookout for more creators to join our network. If you are crazy passionate about NFTs and have been making content, please feel free to DM me or any of the MetaCast partners - Brooke, Matthew, and Rizzle.  

If you want to learn more, please visit our website and give us a follow on Twitter! Also, be sure to check out our extensive NFT resources page, which is a helpful repository for all things NFTs.

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