NFT Data Dump Sundays - April 2020

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NFT Data Dump Sundays - April 2020

Observing market, chain, and social data from different NFT projects.

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Short Explainer:

Wallets - Wallets refers to the number of Ethereum wallets that hold an asset of a specific project. You can think of wallets as a rough gauge for number of users.

Avg Price ETH  - Average Price Ether means the average price of an NFT asset in ETH terms. 

Average Price USD - Average Price USD means the average price of an NFT asset in US Dollar terms.

Total Sales - Total number of sales within a certain NFT project.

Total Vol USD - Total trade volume measured in US dollars.

Followers - Total number of followers for a specific projects Twitter account.

Tweets - Total tweets from a specific projects Twitter account.

Discord Members - The number of users in a projects Discord channel.

All data is collected once per week so all numbers reflect the current data from that specific date.

Gods Unchained seems to have leveled off into a stable cohort of regular users whereas earlier this year the growth was explosive among all categories.

Decentraland’s avg price ETH is showing this large loss due to the fact that the price of ETH increased significantly during this period.

Wallet growth seems normal but the avg price USD decreasing over 50% is very odd. The avg price ETH decreased slightly but ETH was up significantly over this period so I am not completely sure why there would be such a drop in avg price USD.

The avg price USD growth is high because CryptoKitties seems to be firmly priced in ETH and ETH increased significantly during this period. Other growth metrics seem to be lackluster.

Wallet growth is impressive which mirrors the entire genre of crypto art. The social metrics really stand out with large growth in Twitter followers and massive growth in Discord members. The large Discord members’ growth is due to SuperRare switching from using Telegram to Discord as their community chat channel.

The strong wallet and social growth I assume is due to their being a multitude of in-world events being hosted in Cryptovoxels. These events introduce new people to Cryptovoxels and likely leads some to purchase parcels of land.

CryptoSpaceCommander (CSC) wallet growth is steady but there was a massive increase in avg price in USD. This is due to the swift rise in the price of ETH during this period. Twitter followers should a drop off because either CSC is deleting bots or Twitter itself is deleting bots. I also believe the low number of tweets was due to CSC deleting old tweets that are no longer relevant.

Although not certain, I believe Axie Infinity’s high wallet growth is simply due to their marketing efforts. They are constantly pushing out content and getting new users onboarded into their ecosystem. The oddity that stands out with this data is the avg price USD. I do not have a solid explanation of why the avg price in USD would decline so much while the avg price ETH stayed stable.

The massive growth in wallets is due to many new users buying land in The Sandbox’s presales which was happening during this period. Also of note, the avg price USD increased by a massive 34% due to there being previous presales which were held at lower price points. I assume the large growth in social metrics is also due to more users obtaining the assets and wanting to stay up to date with the project.

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