NFT Data Dump Sundays - Feb 2020

Every month, we will be observing market, chain and social data from different NFT projects.

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Short Explainer:

Wallets - Wallets refers to the number of Ethereum wallets that hold an asset of a specific project. You can think of wallets as a rough gauge for number of users.

Avg Price Ether  - Average Price Ether means the average price of an NFT asset in ETH terms. 

Average Price USD - Average Price USD means the average price of an NFT asset in US Dollar terms.

Txs (7day) - Transactions the past 7 days - Sales transactions that happened on the blockchain within the past 7 days.

Vol USD (7day) - Transaction volume in USD the past 7 days  - Total volume measured in US dollars for the past 7 days.

Followers - Total number of followers for a projects Twitter account.

Tweets - Total tweets from a projects Twitter account.

Discord Members - The number of users in a projects Discord channel

Chain TXs - Onchain transactions - Total number of transactions that happened on the blockchain, for a specific project. 

Gods Unchained

Even though this month shows some solid wallet growth and some rather relaxed market activity, I believe next month we will see these stats dramatically increase because Gods Unchained just launched (On February 20th) their “flux” and “fusing” features. Flux is a resource that is earned by playing the game and used to upgrade cards. Fusing is where you take your earned flux and fuse (upgrade) multiple cards into a single card of higher status. It will be great to watch how this affects God’s Unchained metrics for next month.


The best performer from this past month is Decentraland. They put up exceptionally strong numbers across the board and this is no doubt due to their public launch on February 20th. Wallet growth is strong, market activity is extremely strong with sales transactions and volume posting huge numbers. This growth is also reflected in all-round strong social metrics from their Twitter and Discord.

My Crypto Heroes

My assumption for My Crypto Heroes showing weaker stats this month, compared with last months, is possibly the launch of Brave Frontier Heroes. Brave Frontier Heroes and My Crypto Heroes are made by the same developer and the in-game assets have a wide variety of interoperability. My assumption is that many of the My Crypto Heroe players are trying out Brave Frontier Heroes because that has been topping the OpenSea rankings the past few weeks.


CryptoKitties showed really strong wallet growth this past month. While 2% is not a large number in itself, 2% of 80k is a huge increase considering most NFT games have less than 1,000 wallets. I attribute this growth to multiple treasure hunts going on involving CryptoKitties. The first is the Decentraland treasure hunt which has 5,000 CryptoKitties up for grabs in hidden locations in Decentralaland. The second is crypto-artist Josie Bellini’s metaverse puzzle treasure hunt. The puzzle involves actually using CryptoKitties and they even released an entirely new cat for the puzzle. I think we are finding that treasure hunts for NFT and crypto prizes are a great way to stir up engagement and activity.


SuperRare is continuing its strong growth streak. Wallets up 6.67% last month and breaking over 1,000 holders of SuperRare art. Again we see SuperRare stats highly correlated with Cryptovoxels. The reason being that Cryptovoxels has become the defacto NFT art platform so SuperRare artists and collectors will make their galleries inside Cryptovoxels. Other stats that showed strong growth for SuperRare were the social stats. A huge 13% increase in Twitter followers followed by a 52% increase in Discord members. The reason for the crazy growth in discord members is because they are in the process of switching from using Telegram to Discord. Their Telegram had over 500 people in it so we will likely see the SuperRare Discord numbers even higher next month.


We see some incredible wallet growth at 8% and strong growth in USD (68%) and ETH (45%) terms. We also see that sale transactions and volume are down massively. My assumption for this is because last month we had extremely high individual sales, with one singular sale reaching $110,000. I think that massive sales also attracted a lot of newcomers hence the high growth in wallets and a massive increase in Twitter followers, up an astonishing 25% in a month.

Crypto Space Commanders

The two major outliers for CSC were the market activity stats. Both the transactions and volume are showing strong growth which could be caused by the launch of the native Crypto Space Commander marketplace. Also, the fact that crafting is now live. Crafting allows players to build items from the resources they collect. The launch of that feature would obviously have a market activity and that is what we are seeing.

Axie Infinity

The weaker than normal numbers are probably due to the hype from the community alpha dying down which Axie Infinity launched in January of last month. Along with the community alpha launch of last month, there was an Axie tournament which brought in a lot of activity in January. I think we are seeing the activity normalize after Axie’s extremely high January activity.

Data provided by:
- OpenSea
- NonFungible
- Twitter
- Discord
- Etherscan

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