NFT Proof-of-Work - April 2020

This monthly newsletter serves as a single source that reviews the top three updates from different projects within the non-fungible token ecosystem. 

Axie Infinity -

1. We saw our largest quarterly influx of players yet in q1, with our total number of Axie holders increasing by 30%

2. Season 3 ended on April 12th with over 1000 dai distributed to the top trainers on the leaderboard. We had over 500 players compete in season 3!

3. We launched our amazing new marketplace dashboard. Check it out here.

(Updates provided by Jihoz)

Battle Racers -

1. Registration is now ongoing for the Battle Racers Duel Cup Open, an open tournament for all our Battle Racers part NFT holders. It will have a two-player best-of-3 format, and tournament proper will begin on April 27th. Prizes include NFTs and cryptocurrency not just from our own prize pool, but also from our various sponsors! Get more details and sign up through the #tournament channel on our Discord server.

2. Our quarterly development update for January to March 2020 is now up on Medium. Find out what's been happening behind the scenes as we get ready for the relaunch of parts trading of OpenSea this month. Read our Q1 update here.

3. Here's a recap of the virtual conferences we participated in earlier this month:

(Updates provided by Gabby)

CryptoKitties -

1. The CryptoKitties community is well on its way to assembling Flowtron, a Special Edition prize which will be claimable in exchange for a complete set of the fun new Flow Ranger Fancy Kitties.

2. The CryptoKitties team has been teasing a community-upgraded Lola, one of the original mascot Kitties. Stay tuned to the CryptoKitties Twitter account so you don't miss out on future ways to participate and earn giveaways!

3. CryptoKitties now natively supports "Wrapped Gen 0 Kitties" which allows you to donate any Gen 0 Kitty to the WG0 account and adopt any other Gen 0 Kitty from the account in exchange. You can also buy, sell, and trade liquid WG0 ERC-20 tokens.

(Updates provided by Alan)

Cryptovoxels -

1. Origin City is totally sold out!

2. In a few weeks, we will launch islands outside of Origin City. 

3. We are working on a new in-world builder.

(Updates provided by Devil)

Decentraland -

1. Last week we hosted Coinfest after the conference had been canceled in the real world

2. We raised 0ver 15k this week for #cryptoagainstcovid with an in-world event selling wearable masks

3. We now support audio streaming which has opened up use cases for conferencing, teaching and live music.

(Updates provided by Toonpunk)

Gods Unchained -

1. Gods Unchained kicked off their new Q&A series  to uncover members of the GU community turning a tidy profit from the play-to-earn model 

2. New hero animations were developed for the upcoming expansion set, Trial of the Gods. A montage of all the new character animations can be viewed here.

3. With all six champions now revealed, the game lore is ready to move into its next phase. 

  • For a recap of Part 1 of the story so far see here

  • For Part 2 of the story, see here

(Updates provided by Cerne)

My Crypto Heroes -

1.  The new April to June Road Map was released! *We will implement our vision of a self-sustaining economy that is player-owned

2. Official Art Cup Starts! *We're gathering extensions art from users as the competition. We will give No.1 Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Common extensions to the winners.

3. Tezuka Collaboration ended!* This was a big event that expanded the blockchain game industry!

(Updates provided by Michael)

Somnium Space -

1. We are launching a Visual Scripting tool that allows users to create games, experiences and more on their VRland parcels without a need to know how to code.

2. The first blockchain-based VR disco night happened inside a user-built HEX Disco Club with live DJ playing and NFT tickets sold out for $1000+ in value!

3. We are adding GIF support this week. Many VR art galleries are about to open inside Somnium.

(Updates provided by Artur)

The Sandbox -

1. The Sandbox announced a partnership with gaming giant ATARI to feature a virtual theme park inside its Metaverse and create new voxelized versions of landmark gaming icons including Pong®, Asteroids®, Centipede®, and RollerCoaster Tycoon®

2. The Sandbox 3rd LAND Presale sold out in 5 hours generating 3,400 ETH/450,000 USD in Atari ® Theme Park Neighborhood 

3. Our COO Sebastien Borget, became the new President of the Blockchain Game Alliance, a membership organization dedicated to encouraging the use of blockchain technology within the video game industry

(Updates provided by Sébastien & Nathan)

Marketplaces / Resources 

NonFungible -

1. Together with MakersPlace, we helped raise $3600 for GlobalGiving's COVID19 GlobalGiving's COVID19 relief fund.

2. New features in our exclusive monthly reports showing user cross-pollination between users of different NFT projects

3. Although, behind in development, we will be launching our new backend infrastructure in the coming weeks!

(Updates provided by Dan)

OpenSea -

1. Developers can now use the Storefront Editor to let us know they'd like their collection to appear in search results, in the sidebar, and on the rankings page. If you're a creator, go to to check it out.

2. We integrated WalletLink and WalletConnect. Now, you can buy and sell on OpenSea in any browser by pairing with a wide range of mobile wallets.

3. We wrote a piece about how to make money on OpenSea that appeared in Ryan Sean Adams' Bankless. Check it out here.

(Updates provided by Dan

SuperRare -

1. SuperRare turned two on April 2nd with the anniversary of its beta Mainnet launch! Stay tuned for deets on our birthday bash in Cryptovoxels on Friday, April 24th!

2. Andreas Antonopoulos - Decentral Eyes - Variant 01an early Coldie piece on SuperRare which originally sold for 0.1 ETH was resold for 15.0ETH, 150X the original purchase price. This net the Coldie more in royalties than the original purchase price!

3. After lots of discussions, the community voted to increase the artist royalty payment from 3% to 10% in the secondary market. Additional UX updates include:

  • The ability to set a minimum bid

  • Double-click for fullscreen video 

  • Updated search layout and optimized search algorithm

(Updates provided by John)

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