NFT Proof-of-Work Art Edition - Feb 2020

NFT Proof-of-Work Art Edition is a monthly newsletter that reviews the top three updates from leading NFT crypto-artists.

Alotta Money

1. My artwork Arnolfini Shrimp Arnolfini Shrimp won the 1st Place of the Digital Tokenized Art Contest #MiamiBlockchainWeek

2. I designed a Cyberpunk Manor Gallery in Cryptovoxels for the collector @basileus_eth

3. Working on a team project that I believe will be a total revolution for art & NFTs... Very soon.


1. Sold a piece of art and donated to fellow crypto artist Twisted Vacancy to get a new computer.

2.. Collaboration with X-Copy 1/1 on SuperRare sold for 40 ETH

3. Updated my crypto art collection gallery on CryptoVoxels. See it here.

Connie Digital

1. Shouting out all the HUEMANS!

2. Listing my first piece on MakersPlace on Feb. 19th.

3. Excited for NFT.NYC and Decentraland on Feb. 20th.  

Godfrey Meyer

1. Me and Jin partnered with Nifties to launch a VR art gallery! Check it out here

2. I launched my portfolio

3. I am working on a new music video, album #boomboxhead with two VR music videos.


1. Our last three pieces of Cryptoart on SuperRare are enriched by a curatorial text by Chiara Braidotti. This is the last one: Cent Link

2. A Podmork HOD dedicated to Cthulhu appeared in this place - Cryptovoxels Link

3. Hackatao broke his personal sales record with Nuda Veritas, purchased at 23.69 ETH by WhaleShark


1. I talked about Crypto Art at the University of Bologna

2. I wrote a paper about text mining of Crypto Art

3. My art was selected for NFT.NYC


1. I had the honor of attending Satoshi Roundtable earlier this month. I got to connect with the leading people in the crypto industry and had some exciting conversations that will be sure to show up in a new series of paintings.

2. I will unveil my new painting "Yours Truly" on February 20th, at NFT NYC. A secret in the painting will launch a multiverse puzzle that holds a prize of 10 ETH + over 50 NFTs from the top artists and games. The puzzle was made in partnership with Neon District, Cryptokitties, TwistedVacancy, Cryptovoxels, Axie Infinity, Age of Rust, OpenSea, and SuperRare. Join my newsletter on and Discord to stay up to date on clues. 

3. New swag coming to on March 1st. Stay tuned for pre-orders. If you are attending Bitcoin 2020 in SF, I will bring your orders with me.

Matt Kane

1. I soft-launched my NFT Artwork Portal, where the public will enjoy full-screen zooming of my artwork. "Experience Drops" began in mid-January, in which collectors of mine unlock exclusive experiences related to the artwork token they own via a MetaMask login. Official announcement coming soon!

2. The Marble Cards ATH and a new Matt Kane NFT sales record was set by collector Fittssm bidding 19.25 ETH for my custom Crypto Artist Series card, linked to The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing website

3. I invest a portion of artwork sales into crypto artists I admire and respect. My new and improved CryptoVoxels gallery features some of these works.

Mattia Cuttini

1. I created two new digital assets, one from my abstract research: “#09”  and the other is called "SD00" - Taking form" from my upcoming in-real-life installation 

2. I'm back at stampworking too, you can find some work-in-progress shots in my Instagram channel.

3. I'm working on a new commissioned digital piece called "Entanglement", you can see some studies on Instagram and buy a piece about this here.


1. Last month I released collabs with Coldie and Oficinas TK on SuperRare. 

2. I designed a custom Marble card to kick off their artist series.

3. Currently working on something top secret for late February. Follow my Twitter to stay in the loop.

Yura Miron

1. I've rebuilt my CryptoVoxels Gallery space and exhibited there many of my newesttokenized artworks. Visit it 

2. I’ve tokenized 5 1/1 cryptoart works on OpenSea, that can be purchased exclusively for $YUMI + 17 more artworks that you can redeem for $YUMI or buy for ETH. I’ve wrote a Cent post about it: read it & claim 250 $YUMI (limited to the first 50 people).

3. My artworks have been selected for @EthereumDenver Art Auction, @NFT_NYC + @KnownOrigin_io exhibition, @makersplaceco +@0xProject exhibition, @NFT_NYC + @SuperRare_co massive puzzle. 

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