NFT Proof-of-Work - Feb 2020

Hi and welcome to NFT Proof-of-Work. This monthly newsletter serves as a single source that reviews the top three updates from different projects within the non-fungible token ecosystem. 

Axie Infinity -

1. Last month we released our new community alpha and now we are releasing the community alpha guide. This guide will bring you right up to speed on all things Axie Infinity. 

2. We had the Axie Infinity Cup which saw over 140 players compete to win an ETH and NFT prize pool. Check out the action here on our live stream.  

3. Huge sale last month. A single mystic Axie sold for 60 ETH

(Updates provided by Jihoz)

Battle Racers -

1. With the Decentraland launch just around the corner, we shared our development roadmap for 2020 which includes upcoming features such as the garage update for the website, competitive races, and race cars record history. Read our Medium article for the complete details.

2. Altitude Games ranked #12 on BlockchainGamer's Top 50 Blockchain Game Companies in 2020! Here is the full list.

3. Our Product Manager, Patrick, was one of the speakers at the NFTs Past, Present, and Future panel during Pocket Gamer Connects in London last January 20 to 21. More details about the conference are on their official website.

(Updates provided by Gabby)

CryptoKitties -

1. We're part of the Josie scavenger hunt collaboration, we're racing towards 2M cats on the blockchain and right now any breed has a chance to be born an exclusive, and you can breed our old Valentine's Fancies together for a chance to breed this year's mischievous lil cherub.

2. NFT Metaverse Collab tease

3. Race to 2M + Valentine's Fancies

(Updates provided by Alan)

Crypto Space Commander -

1. Within one month of in-game Marketplace launch, CSC has seen $207,950 in total Volume and 27,376 NFTs transferred with a total market cap of $25,416,763. Support for ETH will be added soon and is expected to increase activity.

2. Crafting is coming to CSC as well, providing players with the ability to create assets they can mint, use and sell, monetizing gameplay for a full Play To Earn experience.

3. Daily active users have increased by 30% this month and the official discord broke the 2000 member mark.

(Updates provided by the CSC team)

Cryptovoxels -

1. Cryptovoxels reached number 1 in sales volume!

2. We hired our first employee, Marcus!

3. You can now set your spawn point in Cryptovoxels which allows you to jump right into the action. 

(Updates provided by Devil)

Decentraland -

1. In preparation for our public launch on Feb 20, 2020, we have been working around the clock fixing a number of bugs and refining performance and stability mechanics

2. A set of three wearables sold for 150,000 MANA

3. We have also added the feature that allows users to click on other users to view what NFTs they are wearing. 

(Updates provided by Toonpunk)

Gods Unchained -

1. Released web-based Gods Unchained marketplace. 

2. Released chapters 1 and 2 of a new story which goes into depth on the Gods Unchained lore.

3. Blog post all about asset interoperability and why it matters.

(Updates provided by Cerne)

My Crypto Heroes -

1. - Launch campaign collaboration with Brave Frontier Heroes -

On Jan 30th Brave Frontier Heroes (BFH) successfully launched as part of our MCH+ program. After 3 days, BFH is played by ~3,000 players (~1,860 prime subscribers) who invested over 1800 ETH ($330k). That's $110 USD / player. 

2. Colosseum Mode launched -

We launched a brand new PvP new game mode called "Colosseum" which is an on-going tournament with real-time rankings. Players will be divided into different Layers that represent their skill level. Players are able to earn NFT rewards depending on how well they rank in their respective layers. Colosseum is still in beta and we will see some experimental features that will also affect the economy, like burning NFTs for entry.

3. WP node launched -

Over the past year, players accumulated WP (=winners points) by winning weekly tournaments. To "cash in" on those points, we created a special node (=quest) that costs WP to enter. What's exciting: The quest is something we called a "deep node", which means players will go deeper into the dungeon, finding more and more valuable rewards as they progress. When the players' heroes die, they revive the heroes by consuming WPs. This means the more WPs a player has accumulated over the year, the deeper that player get into the dungeon. The further you are in the dungeon, the better the rewards. As the main rewards, we created special NFTs from our best weapons that only exist once (!) per weapon type. 

(Updates provided by Michael)

Somnium Space -

1. We have announced our official launch of Somnium Space 2.0 Virtual Reality metaverse to be released on 20th of Feb 2020

2. Zima Red newsletter EXCLUSIVE: Our in-game currency Somnium Cubes (CUBE) will start trading on BiBox partner exchange CoinPark ( on the 20th of Feb with ETH/CUBE pair.

3. I will be speaking at the 2020 official TEDx event about the future of VR & NFTs. 

(Updates provided by Artur)

The Sandbox -

1. The Dev team is working on a first Alpha release of The Sandbox Game Builder, which will be distributed to selected Creators who applied to our Game Makers Fund. First sneak peeks posted in January are already receiving positive feedback. 

2. We've been putting the final touches to the public Beta Release of VoxEdit - our free 3D Voxel Editor which has been downloaded over 65,000 times. This new release coming early February includes a rooster of exciting features: New UI, Multi Animations, Inverse Kinematics, Line Tool, Rigged Templates, Select Tool in Modeler, New Camera and much much more!

3. The second round of our LAND presale (5% of the total map supply) has been announced for February 11th, 2020. The very first partners unveiled are MakerDao MakerDao and NFT.NYC. More exciting partnerships will soon be announced!

(Updates provided by Sébastien)

Marketplaces / Resources 

NonFungible -

1. Dan, one of our co-founders, was on the Zima Red podcast. Interview here.

2. Our NFT Radar yearly report is releasing soon, here is a sneak peek showing insight into the growth of the NFT markets. 

3. NFT.NYC is this month so come meet us and check out our yearly report which will be released then. 

(Updates provided by Dan)

OpenSea -

1. We added a dark mode! Now you can toggle between dark mode, light mode, and the default theme. Just visit your account settings or the activity page, and click the light switch in the upper right. 

2. We upgraded our Wyre integration.  You can now purchase up to $250/day of ETH or stablecoins like DAI and USDC.  And you can check out with Apple Pay!

3. We’re co-hosting the second NFT.NYC on February 20th in New York City. We’ll also be speaking at 0xpo in SF and ETHDenver. We’d love to meet up in person if you plan to attend any of these!

(Updates provided by Dan

SuperRare -

1. Video support coming to SuperRare later this month!

2. We launched SuperRare Artist Spotlights, our in-depth interview series. The first interview is with Indonesia-based artist TwistedVacancy.

3. SuperRare at NFT NYC on February 20th:

  • Jonathan Perkins is leading a panel on bringing digital collecting mainstream

  • Limited-edition SuperRare NFT NYC t-shirt giveaway the week of the event – follow @superrare_co on twitter for the upcoming announcement

(Updates provided by John)

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