NFT Proof-of-Work - Jan 2020

Hi and welcome to the first edition of NFT Proof-of-Work. This monthly newsletter serves as a single source that reviews the top three updates from different projects within the non-fungible token ecosystem. 

Axie Infinity

1. Huge updates from us like our new Community Alpha! Download it here and check out our other announcements here.

2. The Axie price floor (cheapest Axie for sale) has doubled from .004 ETH to .008 ETH.

3. Axie market volume is up 300+% over the past week. Buyers have even snatched up 16% of all Axies on the market!

(Updates provided by Jihoz)

Battle Racers

1. We successfully launched our Season 1 in December, with Silver being our top-selling crate as racers searched for special cars like the Binance, SafuBolt, and Guerilla Cyber. Our players are now building cars from Season 1 and CryptoKitties parts to race with them in our Early Access! Here is a summary. 

2. We are big fans of interoperability, so we gave certain bodies of our special edition cars an undercarriage lighting that activates if you find a Legendary Radiant Blade from Neon District's Loot Box Sale! Check out the details on the collaboration here.

3. The sale concluded with the first-ever Battle Racers tournament with Franken emerging as our champion, taking home the largest chunk of the prize pool! Review our mechanics here to prepare for more upcoming tournaments.

(Updates provided by Gabby)

Cheeze Wizards -

1. User “B1ackKett1e” wins the Cheeze Wizards tournament and takes home 700+ ETH as the Big Cheeze. 

2. Check out our blog where we interviewed B1ackKett1e.

3. We released a blog post talking about our Zombie Wizards.

(Updates provided by Benny)

CryptoKitties -

1. You can now email CryptoKitties with a “purrsonalized” message using the new KittyGram feature.

2. This weekend we are releasing our newest fancy cat live on rudem00se's stream.

3. Breeding our newest Purrstige unlocks a free crate of limited-edition CryptoKitties parts in BattleRacers. Only 300 of these cars can ever be assembled!

(Updates provided by myself)


1. In November we released Wearables for Cryptovoxels, check them out here.

2. We briefly surpassed Decentraland in sales volume and our price floor has tripled in the past month.

3. A Cryptovoxel mod is working on importing Origin City into VRchat, check it out here

(Updates provided by Devil)


1. We just released a tech update, find the blog post here

2. We had over 2000 Submissions to the latest creator contest and gave away 700 Wearable NFTs in our Cyber Xmas event!

3. Our community voted to implement a DAO for future governance.

(Updates provided by Toonpunk)

Gods Unchained

1. Game director Chris Clay provided a State of the Beta report for 2019

2. Innovative new Mulligan system went live, along with a teaser for Season One set. 

3. The market for chests has more than 2x since trading started. 

(Updates provided by Cerne)

My Crypto Heroes

1. We celebrated our One Year Anniversary Event at a venue in Tokyo. During the event, we awarded the most impactful players with an exclusive NFT and shared our future roadmap with the community. Here is a summary of the event, including our KPIs and future collaboration announcements.

2. We partnered with the infamous animation studio Tezuka Productions. As part of the collaboration, we added famous characters like Astro Boy to the game (as an NFT) and also added a limited quest that drop Tezuka branded NFTs as rewards. There will also be a massive raid soon, featuring the Tezuka character "Pluto". Here are the details about the collaboration.

3. During the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, we had a massive Legendary Campaign. The campaign was divided into 2 parts: 

1) A "GUMGUM UP" campaign, which gives users +20% GUM (in-game currency) for every purchase of GUM with ETH.

2) A "New Year Legendary Hero Sale", where we sold 4 different Legendary Hero Types (20 supply each), 1 Rare Hero Type, and 1 Uncommon Hero Type. 

The whole campaign resulted in over 1,100 ETH in sales, from Dec 26th until Jan 4th. Here are more details about the campaign.

(Updates provided by Michael)

Somnium Space

1. Somnium Space had a very successful Initial Land Offering in October 2019 blasting through 1100 ETH worth of virtual land and items sales within a week and making it #1 on OpenSea

2. Integrated dynamic video lighting for a deeper, more immersive VR experience. Click here to find out more.

3. Working on a new Somnium Space interactive 3D web-based heat map

(Updates provided by Artur)

The Sandbox

1. Our first LAND presale sold out completely in 4 hours! 

2. 2020 will be the year of the Blockchain Metaverse, where Players Can Build, Own, and Control a Platonic Republic of Gaming, read it here.

3. We'll speak at TGV 44th Financial Disruption in Hong Kong on Jan 14th, at the Taipei Game Show on Feb 7th and in New York on Feb 20th. Come meet us to hear about our new exciting announcements and upcoming next presales.

(Updates provided by Sébastien)

Marketplaces / Resources 


1. NonFungible Predictions for 2020.

2. NFT Radar backend set to be deployed in January. Providing an inclusive, global NFT overview on the Ethereum network.

3. Preparing for NFT.NYC where we will produce reports on the global NFT ecosystem on Ethereum. 

(Updates provided by Dan)


1. OpenSea has added lots of exciting new features recently.  You can now mint your own NFTs using our no-code Storefront Manager. Check it out here

2. We recently added some strategic investors. 

3. We moved our blog from Medium to  If you're interested in publishing a guest post, let us know!

(Updates provided by Dan)


1. A single frame of @DrBeef_ gif Ai Generated Nude Portrait #7 sold for $2,178.

2. Jonathan Perkins' Ascent of the Art Market covers last year’s NFT art market growth and where we're heading in 2020.

3. SuperRare crosses the $300,000 in crypto earned by artists and collectors mark.

(Updates provided by John)

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of NFT Proof-of-Work. I intend on releasing these once per month so stay tuned. Follow Zima Red on twitter and subscribe to stay updated on all things NFTs.