NFT Proof-of-Work - March 2020

This monthly newsletter serves as a single source that reviews the top three updates from different projects within the non-fungible token ecosystem. 

Axie Infinity -

1. Season 2 PvP arena just ended with 25% more players participating than season 1! 

2. Anyone who held at least 50 KNC in their wallet on March 22nd received a Kyber-themed land

3. Axies were featured in the popular ethereum-focused newsletter “Bankless.” The post went into great detail about how to play and make money with Axies. Check it out here.

(Updates provided by Jihoz)

Battle Racers -

1. As one of the launch titles on Decentraland, we took part in a massive in-world Treasure Hunt which started during its public launch last 02/20/2020. Explorers who visited the Battle Racers area (66,-22) were able to interact with our car showcase to find one of the hidden loot crates. More details here.

2. In preparation for the upcoming Garage feature on our website, we have shared a sneak peek on assembling and disassembling cars, including a brief overview on minting and recorded history. Read the full article here

3. We are proudly teaming up with Blockade Games and Claymatic in building "Metaboss", a strategy MMO that lets you use your existing NFTs in a week-long boss fight across the metaverse! Learn

(Updates provided by Gabby)

CryptoKitties -

1. We've partnered with Arena Golf to release a Gimme Golfer Kitty Trick that gives you a brand-new Founder Golfer in their game! Breed our newest Flow-inspired Fancy to participate.

2. Featured Collections are now live! Check out the Catalogue to see some incredible Collections and submit your best ones in the CryptoKitties Discord for a chance at being featured.

3. We've improved the Adoption feature. You can now see your WCK balance when you're adopting kitties from the Wrapped CryptoKitties contract!

(Updates provided by Alan)

Cryptovoxels -

1. Added third-person camera!

2. Megavox vox models (126x3)

3. Origin City now has a blue sky & is completely surrounded by blue water.

(Updates provided by Devil)

Decentraland -

1. Vegas Plaza launch. 

2. Support audio for conferencing coming soon.

3. Community Events Calendar launched.

(Updates provided by Toonpunk)

Gods Unchained -

1. The foundations of a new play-to-earn system was introduced in the form of the Flux & Fusing systems. Players can now do daily runs of the Gauntlet to earn flux which they can then spend on fusing tradable cards.

2. GU released the initial version of the Favor & Sanctum systems. These are an innovative addition that makes GU stand out from other card games. It's currently being tested and iterated on using player feedback.

3. The game director published a quarterly State of the Beta, detailing what's been worked on and what's to come.

(Updates provided by Cerne)

My Crypto Heroes -

1. - We finished our Tezuka branded quest inside My Crypto Heroes. Why this was exciting: Tezuka is one of the most famous IPs in Japan with lots of fans all over the world. The collaboration finished on Mar 23rd and famous Tezuka assets, like Astro Boy, will be traded forever in the Ethereum network. This historical collaboration pushed Japanese blockchain adoption to the next level.

2. We did a Charity Raid Events to support the fight against COVID-19. All ETH that is spent during the raid was donated to the Japanese Red Cross, in JPY. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the virus. We hope you stay healthy.

[Result Report]

3. We officially launched our Colosseum out of beta, which is a PvP arena and is like a ranked mode. Players can battle against equally strong players for NFTs over a few weeks in a tournament-style battle. The CE barrel is a system that allows players to earn from their battles by strategically investing the CE (=XP) either into PvP battles or trading it for in-game currency rewards. 

(Updates provided by Michael)

Somnium Space -

1. Alongside a full VR client we have launched 2D non-VR mode launched 2D non-VR mode allowing more people to explore and interact with the Somnium world.

2. Record 100 ETH deal was made with Somnium Space land parcels. 10 XL parcels and 1 Teleportation Hub were sold in one bundle!

3. We have launched our Road to Secondary Land Offering. 10 weeks, 25 exclusive parcels per week via OpenSea.

(Updates provided by Artur)

The Sandbox -

1. The Sandbox announced a $2M investment round, including Square Enix as an investor. 

2. Their next LAND Presale will be held on March 31st, pre-register now: Link here.

3. They launched a $20,000 VoxEdit Contest: you have until the 30th of March to submit your creations and have a chance to win top prizes: 

(Updates provided by Sébastien & Nathan)

Marketplaces / Resources 

NonFungible -

1. Launched yearly report for 2019 NFT statistic.

2. New features deployed for data aggregations and data exports. 

3. Expect new weekly statistics and more rapid project listings soon!

(Updates provided by Dan)

OpenSea -

1. 1. We now support the bundling of ERC1155 assets! You can bundle up your Enjin items, your F1 Delta Time items, your Cryptovoxels wearables, and more. Check it out here.

2. You can now buy stablecoins through Wyre using Apple Pay or your debit card. Top up your DAI balance here.

3. We've integrated more deeply with ENS! You can now visit a URL like vitalik.eth or send a gift to joshua.eth.

(Updates provided by Dan

SuperRare -

1. We launched our weekly editorial with issue no. 1 Art in The Time of Corona Virus. If anyone would like to collaborate on future issues please reach out!

2. SuperRare topped weekly NFT trading charts via

3. The product team continues to ship with a number of UX improvements including:

  • Released an update that requires outbid amounts to be at least 10% higher than standing bids

  • Switched to historical USD prices on artwork detail pages

  • Major improvements to search and discovery coming soon!

(Updates provided by John)

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