NFT Proof-of-Work - May 2020

This monthly newsletter serves as a single source that reviews the top three updates from different projects within the non-fungible token ecosystem. 

Axie Infinity -

1. Season 5 is live!

2. Release of the Mavis Hub launcher! The launcher will serve as a consolidated place for:

  • 🛠️Downloading new app updates for desktop devices 

  • 📜News & guides 

  • 🎮New games within our universe!

3. All the land in Quadrant 1 is gone!

(Updates provided by Jihoz)

CryptoKitties -

1. CryptoKitties, in partnership with Animoca Brands, collaborated with renowned artist Momo Wang and for a surprise drop of Artist Series Kitties, raising over $10,000 for food banks.

2. The collaboration continues Saturday, May 23, at 10 am PT as a Momo Wang Fancy cat will be breedable for a limited time.

3. Don’t miss the next drop! Follow @CryptoKitties on Twitter for sneak peeks about future collaborations in the Artist Series.

(Updates provided by Alan)

Cryptovoxels -

1. The new island, Proxima has completely sold out! 

2. Character customization is improving with Skins, costumes and new custom dances.

3. Cryptovoxels succeeded in doing the first in-world erc20 transaction using Cryptovoxels native COLR token.

(Updates provided by Devil & Fayelure)

Decentraland -

1. We now support video streaming, we held our first live gig, hosted Consensus Distributed.

2. On Friday we released new social features including friends and private messaging, new emotes and dances being released each week.

3. Tomorrow we will announce a new development fund with Matic.

(Updates provided by Toonpunk)

Gods Unchained -

1. Gods Unchained released the first of several graphical upgrades to the game. This featured the new Midnight Temple and Arena gameboards, along with over 150 bug fixes.

2. Immutable X. Immutable announced a partnership with StarkWare to make Gods Unchained one of the first mainstream products to use ZK-rollup technology to enable millions of players to trade Ethereum-based NFTs without paying gas fees on their transactions

3. The reward structure for GU's weekend competitions has been updated to allow players to earn top prizes in just a few hours of highly competitive play. The change also opens up a much wider variety of playstyles and decks.

(Updates provided by Cerne)

My Crypto Heroes -

1.  New feature release: JIN! We released a new feature called JIN. This is a permanent boost for specific team combinations and will be an NFT. 

2. Art cup Artwork in MCH is one of the biggest factors. And the next extensions (items for Heroes) will be designed by users. (we have a lot of good pixel artists in the community)

3. Land Duel Cup. We added a new PvP mode to our Lands. Land owners can select the item rewards, rules, and battle type!

(Updates provided by Michael)

Somnium Space -

1. We have launched a Rent Your Parcel feature allowing anyone to rent a parcel safely within seconds.

2. Visual Scripting (alpha) has been launched and people are already creating mind-blowing VR experiences.

3. Last month was record-breaking for us (2000+ ETH). All key economy and engagement metrics are significantly up.

(Updates provided by Artur)

The Sandbox -

1. First previews of our Game Maker went live last Saturday in our weekly stream (every Saturday at 3PM GMT). In case you’ve missed any, you can found them all there on our dedicated Youtube channel. 

2. Gems & Catalysts are the latest additions to complete The Sandbox tokens stack. They are ERC-20 tokens used to define scarcity, rarity and attributes of all user-generated content created via VoxEdit and imported in our marketplace as NFT. More info there in this article.

3. Something big is about to happen in The Sandbox Metaverse… Make sure to follow our twitter account not to miss anything!

(Updates provided by Sébastien & Nathan)

Marketplaces / Resources 

NonFungible -

1. New version of powered by "NFT Radar"

2. 99 project's market history now listed!

3. $WHALE vault audit - highly experimental and evolving, we will release a new report every month starting July 1st.

(Updates provided by Dan)

OpenSea -

1. Developers can now select their own payment tokens in the storefront editor.  That means you can set up your storefront to accept $WHALE, $HUE, $SKULL, and any other social currency.

2. We built a system for embedding NFT in your blog or web page.  Check out an example and find a link to the repo here: LINK

3. We integrated Torus, a wallet that lets you log in with Google, Facebook, and other OAuth providers.  See Torus's guest post on our blog for more info: LINK

(Updates provided by Dan

SuperRare -

1. I've got the power by artist duo Hackatao resold for the third time at a price of 45 ETH. This earned the artists 2X what they originally sold the art for in royalties. Cent post here.

2. Nonstop events with John on a panel at Ready Layer One: Issuance, Liquidity, and Growth. Jonathan Perkins speaking at RareAF, and a charity auction during Ethereal with proceeds supporting the Gitcoin Covid-19 CLR.

3. As always Charles has been shipping over time with tons of product updates in the works including:

  • New browser notifications for being outbid, receiving royalties, and making sales

  • Improved marketplace navigation and layouts for artworks

  • Updated improved stats and leaderboards

  • Beta launch of the SuperRare API. If you have any ideas or what early access please reach out in the Discord.

(Updates provided by John)

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