Value Investing In The World of NFTs

My Chat With GoWest - Crypto OG, NFT Connoisseur and Founder of Nifty report

GoWest - Value Investing In The World of NFTs - Zima Red ep. 2

My guest today is GoWest. A crypto OG, NFT connoisseur and founder of the newsletter Nifty report.  

GoWest has been involved with crypto since the very, very early days and was one of the first people to get involved with CryptoKitties. 

He brings a value investor mindset to the world of nonfungibles and explains how he looks for assets with true longevity. 

It was an honor speaking with GoWest and he gave me great perspective on our ecosystem. When your boots are on the ground, day-to-day, it's hard to see the bigger picture but GoWest does an exceptional job making me zoom out and realize that we are on the frontlines of a massive paradigm shift.

Please enjoy and make sure to follow GoWest on his Twitter, Nifty Report.

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