Metaproof is excellent and has become a go to news source for me in web3/metaverse emerging tech paradigms...almost replacing some other news sources that seemed great but have dropped off. Thx for doing this.

I think you are on point about a community to connect people to share knowledge and collaborate, but how is a challenge. Some thoughts here that might inform your efforts.

I, probably like everyone, has been in online communities over the years but they all end up a real suck because content and information flow is not facilitated and curated and most don't have a CRM attached so there is not context of who is who.

I, like everyone, does not have time to constantly check every feed/thread, which is why curation is critical. And now we have Discord...new platform but same problem.

How do we get people to contribute what they know to help others, curate it so it can be found, and compensated for what they share (micropayments using web3...maybe Formless.xyz protocol)?

How do we make it easy for people to post what they need (can't do that on Linkedin) that is searchable (how about each one of us create a dynamic NFT with what we need in the metadata that can be posted on chain so its now searchable)?

But the need for facilitated, curated, searchable, maybe micro-payment enabled communities is critical because emerging tech paradigms are overwhelming...each on of us cannot keep up.

But it's further afield than just web3/metaverse/technology; take manufacturing, which is seeing a reshoring boom and tons of innovation coming out of large and small companies alike, but how does the rest of the industry know about these to take advantage of them?

I firmly believe we have the tech and know-how to do anything we want and solve any problem, but so much of our knowledge gets lost (stuck in people's heads, enters the long tail of content distribution so it never gets seen again) and people that should be connected, aren't, because we just don't have the systems/processes to make that happen (maybe when we all have AI agents that know us intimately and can then go out and search for others to help surface potential connection).

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As someone who owns digital land in many metaverses and spends much time in one (Voxels), considering it a 2nd home, I found this article to be very compelling even though you're 'preaching to the choir'. But that's what was fascinating: 'Metaverse - What it is...' made me want to participate in the 'verse altho I've lived there for 2+ yrs (it's hard for me to say 'meta' anymore lol, ever since Meta). Specifically I love how the article reads like a novel at first, before getting into the steak and potatoes of solid data (great sources btw). I think the article is a great template for compelling an audience to consider something that may be new for them. It has plenty of spark, and then gets to the not-so-boring details. The reason the details aren't boring is because your take on that Day in the Very Near Future is so attractive and based in reality. Indeed many of the things you mention exist today, such as virtual meetings and smart fridges. I look forward to more from you, as many in the metaverse - myself included - would benefit from guidance regarding profitable and meaningful uses of their land.

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