NFT Proof-of-Work Art Edition - Jan 2020

Last week I brought you NFT Proof-of-Work so you can stay updated with all the top NFT projects. This week is all about art. NFT Proof-of-Work Art Edition is also a monthly newsletter that reviews the top three updates from leading NFT crypto-artists.

Alotta Money

1. I designed a CryptoVoxel building for Makersplace 

2. We just released St Andreas, my second collaboration with Jivinci.

3. I will soon release designs for a card, a skateboard and a cyber mansion!


1. My Decentral Eyes 3D portrait series is taking a new shape with new tech. First public viewing will be at BTC 2020 Conference in San Francisco in March. Be there. Go to

2. . I am doing a secret project for NFT NYC that is happening on 2/20/20. Learn more about the event at NFT NYC

3. I am all-in on crypto art NFTs. I am reinvesting my personal art earnings into other artist’s work on Super Rare and Known Origin. See the art I am creating and collecting at

Connie Digital

1. My HUE token now has several liquidity providers on Uniswap and I’ve begun listing NFTs for sale on OpenSea priced in HUE across multiple storefronts. Learn more here.

2. I had the opportunity to collaborate with blockchain trading card game MarbleCards. Look out for the details and official announcement very soon.

3. I partnered with crypto and gaming news publication to create and auction off their first NFT. Learn more here.

Godfrey Meyer

1. I will be headed to ETHDenver! You can meet me at the MakerSpace.

2. I made this tweet about my newest artwork, “Stand Alone Earth.”

3. We filmed a panel, inside virtual reality, on a virtual film set, talking about NFTs.


1. Crazy Diamond’ is a work created by Hackatao and Oficinas TK to celebrate the intense activity on SuperRare by the end of 2019. Sold for 25.75 ETH on SuperRare.

2. Curator Eleonora Brizi interviews artists duo Hackatato, Sergio Scalet and Nadia Squarci. A journey into the lifestyle, interests and creative inspiration of one of the most iconic crypto artist duo on the blockchain.

3. I wrote a blog about my new artwork tokenized on SuperRare.


1. I built my first website, dedicated to my artistic facet

2. I made an artistic representation of Zcash Genesis Block Zcash Genesis Block

3. I opened my first personal collection.


1. I launched NFTs of “Acceptance” from my Genesis Collection on Opensea. The four “Acceptance” NFTs that were for sale went for a combined 43.1 ETH.

2. I have partnered with Coin Artist and her team at Neon District to create the largest NFT treasure hunt hidden within a painting. The new painting and puzzle will be revealed on February 20th.The winner of the treasure hunt receives ETH and a special NFT from every project involved. Projects involved will be announced on my twitter in the next couple of weeks. 

3. I’ll be exhibiting at NFT NYC. Come chat NFTs, and check out my new art. 


1. I made two new art pieces, “Jamie Demon” and “2.1 Quadrillion Satoshis” and I've sold all 6 pieces in my new series, “Anonymous Leader ” on SuperRare check out the tweet here.

2. I am in Miami for The North American Bitcoin Conference Jan 15-17th, in my booth "Lucho Poletti Art" for both TNABC days and also the Bitcoin Hackathon at Blockchain Center Miami Jan 18th, where my two NFT's, "The Satoshi Experience" and "Light Bearer" qualified in the final selection for the NFT Bitcoin art contest, "Spirit of Satoshi" so come meet me there!

3. More info about the tokenized art project  (Johnny Dollar)

Matt Kane

1. I've restarted a series I first began in 2006, exploring aesthetics and history of fiat currency.

2. I sold the first from this series to a collector last week in Shanghai. 

3. I'm in the midst of migrating my ancient website platform in order to be more in line with blockchain tech & values. Will announce relaunch when it's live.

Mattia Cuttini

1. I made two new pieces, one from my last abstract research: “The bullet” and the other just to celebrate this 2020: "Sixteen-segment 2020

2. My new edition "Untitled December 2019" sold-out in less than 24 hours. Check out the tweet here.

3. I'm working on a new piece for the KnownOrigin Creative Challenge NFT NYC. 

Miss Al Simpson

1. I was interviewed by Matthew from Cent Spotlight on my cryptoart practice

2. One of my top collectors, Nosey, created a dedicated "Miss AL Simpson" art gallery" in CryptoVoxels.

3. I managed to reach the top ten of SuperRare Artists in terms of Ethereum made for the platform!

Pascal Boyart 

1. Last month (Dec 2019), I sold my 3rd tokenized Street Art mural “Delacroix vs ECB” for 40 ETH (~$5000) and my last tokenized mural "The Desperate man 2019" for 36 ETH (~$4500)

2. I'm actually working on my 6th tokenized mural, who'll be a digital animation of my last mural "The Raft of the Medusa 2019", coming in few weeks on SuperRare!

3. For all of those who own my static NFTs, I'm working to animate them to give more digital value to them in the coming months... Keep posted dear friends!


1. In December I beat my own SuperRare record, selling ‘Taxman ’ for 15ETH.

2. I also sold over 100 editions through KnownOrigin last month, with my first edition of the year selling out in 30 mins.

3. I’m going to be revealing a truly unique NFT this Thursday, stay tuned to my Twitter for details.

Yura Miron

1. WhaleShark Pro has bought 15 artworks of mine in a single day for 30 ETH in total and SuperRare included this into their Weekly Update (Dec, 13th) on Medium

2. I’ve created my own artcoin on TryRoll called $YUMI. You can buy my limited edition cryptoart with it on OpenSea, SuperRare, KnownOrigin and MakersPlace. Learn all about it on my post on Cent

3. My first 3 tokenized artworks in 2020 are:

Arcology - 1/1 on SuperRare  

Stoned apes - 1/15 on KnownOrigin

Hamadryas - ⅛ on MakersPlace 

NFT Art Marketplaces

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