Zima Red 2020 Content Recap

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2020 was a huge year for the NFT space. Trade volumes nearly 4x’ed and the number of users more than doubled (actually determining the number of NFT users is hard so I generally use OpenSea as a rough estimate for users because it’s the top NFT exchange. OpenSea users Jan 2020 to Jan 2021: ~13k users to ~35k users).

On top of the massive market growth, it was a huge year for Zima Red. The Zima Red podcast grew from ~50 listens per episode and is now around ~350 listens per episode. Although small total numbers that is still 600% growth!

The Zima Red newsletter growth rate was even crazier. From 67 subscribers on January 1, 2020, to 1,222 subscribers on January 1, 2021. That is a 1,723% growth rate. The number of reads per post increased dramatically as well, from ~100 reads per post to now ~1,100 reads per post.

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I wanted to use this newsletter as a recap of all the content I produced in 2020. Each piece of content acts as a small slice of NFT history. Some of the podcasts guests were on before starting their own companies, some of the content dove into data that now looks ancient. For example, Axie infinity weekly volume being ~$7,000 in January of 2020!! (Weekly volume is now around $200k 🤯)

Zima Red Podcasts 2020

Zima Red Newsletters 2020

Wow, that was more content than I thought.

Well buckle up for 2021 because I don’t expect to be slowing down, subscribe here if you want to jump on onboard 🚀